Alexander Meddowes established his company in 2003, Alexander Meddowes Fine Art Broker Ltd, after leaving Christies in the same year. With over four decades of experience in the International Auction World, he is able to provide a confidential, discreet and personalised service to clients, matching buyer with seller and vice versa, at extremely competitive rates.

It is a fact that the spread of charges for most international auction houses is as high as 40%, but we will guarantee that our fees will be no higher than 15%, and depending on value, in many cases, much lower.

Since our inception, we have undertaken both the buying and selling of works of Fine Art as diverse from Old Masters to Scottish Colourists, Contemporary Irish pictures and Seventeenth-Century marble sculptures, culminating in brokering over 600 Fine works of Art in excess of £15 million.

As an international, independent fine art broker we are able to advise on the best method to employ, as in some cases auction may be the best path. We are also, able to assist with advice on matters connected with the taxation implications of selling works of art, as well as artist’s resale rights.

If you are considering selling, buying, or even upgrading your collection of paintings or other forms of fine art, and would like us to elaborate on the services that we can provide, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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