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Sam MacDonald

Born 1964, Isle of Lewis

Trained at Camberwell School of Art BA(Hons), London

Brought up on Lewis and later Orkney, MacDonald’s work is understandably marine based.  Working with age old metal work techniques, he strives to produce contemporary and unique pieces of art.  His artistic endeavour is to observe and capture fleeting moments of nature, from the calm and tension before a trout strikes to the pure excitements of the sudden, synchronised turn of a mass herring shoal.  The result is the expression of an emotional response to something very private, a moment shared between human and nature, suggesting a balance and a suspension, using the brooding colours of the background to saturate the work with a contemplative stillness.

The move from Orkney to Perthshire brought with it a new dimension to Sam’s work.  The influence of the move can be seen in the inclusion of trees, insects and birds, which give his pieces a sense of time and season.

Solo Exhibitions

Public Commissions

2000   Fish, Pier Arts Centre, Stromness

2001   Fish, The Weem Gallery, Pittenweem, Fife

2002   Depth, The Orkney Museum, Kirkwall

2003   Queens Road Gallery, Aberdeen

2003   Stenton Gallery, East Lothian

2001      Pier Arts Centre, Stromness

2006      Institute of Medical Science, Aberdeen

2008      Stornoway, Isles of Lewis

2009      P&O Azura

Sam is a member of Redspot Artist group.

2004   Maclaurin Art Gallery, Rozelle House

2005   Stenton Gallery, East Lothian

2006   Stenton Gallery, East Lothian

2010  Joint with Terence Lambert, Alexander Meddowes Fine Art Broker, Edinburgh.

2011 ‘Bars of Silver and Gold’, Alexander Meddowes Fine Art Broker, Edinburgh.

From 1983 – 2009  Group Exhibitions at various galleries, including the House of Bruar, CLA Game Fairs, Royal Scottish Academy and Wykeham Gallery.

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